Social Discovery of Places

Bump is a social discovery of places app. It helps you discover places around you with your friends.

Follow people who have the same lifestyle, tastes and interests as you, be they your friends or KOLs, and explore places they recommend. No more scrolling through long lists of places with reviews from unknown people, and no more going through disappointment. Bump’s map view shows you places nearby that you are likely to find interesting. Exploring the world around you has never been more exciting, relevant, and easy.

Bump is about the social discovery of places, but the experience it delivers to its users does not limit to the typical “search” app. Instead, it is designed to be a social app – one that is fun to use and socially engaging with its playful interface, well thought through UX and a series of unique features. It is like “bumping” into friends wherever you go and sharing your experiences with each other – super fun and full of surprises. For example, a user can leave a secret message for her loved one where they first met, and he will get the heartfelt message the next time he is there.

Bump is designed so that users will use Bump every day, everywhere they go.