For Businesses

Bump also helps address the converse problem that exists for local businesses: attracting the right consumers. Business owners are now able to reach the right audience at the right time when they are near the business location. It’s a new, contextual and targeted advertising channel, which is unseen in the marketing before.

Finding ways to attract the consumer is a real problem for global retailers today, and it is all the more so for local small and medium-sized businesses – not only in retail but in any consumer-focused industry. Beyond storefronts, posters, and leaflet handlers, small and medium sized businesses rely mostly on free/low-cost social media platforms to extend their reach to potential customers. However, the effectiveness of these channels at reaching new consumers without spending material capital is limited.

Bump offers businesses a new channel to attract nearby consumers to their location. It is like getting businesses’ customers to hand out leaflets to their friends nearby the store. It is the best form of marketing.