About us

Our Values:

Client focused delivery

  • Practical value – Our clients are the users of Bump. Our aim is to ensure that Bump produces value for our users and entices our users to adopt Bump.
  • Know our users – Ensure Bump addresses users’ needs through gaining an understanding of their values, interests, and behaviours.
  • Deliver with passion.


  • Innovate – Embrace new things and new ways of thinking, and drive them into value for our users and our company.
  • Leverage diverse perspectives – Create breakthrough insights and ideas by actively integrating different perspectives.
  • Think unconventionally – Look at things differently. Find non-obvious connections, and think outside the box to find value.
  • Try new things – Take thoughtful risks and experiment to find better answers that yield better results.
  • Redefine the problem – Creatively seek the best solution given objectives, needs, constraints, timelines and budgets.
  • Leverage existing ideas – Aggressively seek and apply existing knowledge and ideas from inside and outside the company.


  • Inspire a shared vision – Help people see, buy in, and commit to a compelling future state
  • Think strategically – Keep people focused on the big picture, the real value, and the critical elements to success
  • Enable others to act – Set context and dear objectives, give ownership and support that empowers people to perform
  • Challenge assumptions – Understand the “why” behind things and drive change when they no longer make sense
  • Drive accountability – Hold ourselves and others accountable for achieving clearly articulated business outcomes
  • Model the way – Act the way you expect others to act; teach our values by example
  • Make the hard decisions – Face reality, communicate it clearly, and make the hard decisions that you know are right.


  • Share information – Share non-confidential information openly to promote understanding, ownership and trust.
  • Raise and act on issues – Proactively raise, openly discuss and address problems quickly and constructively.
  • Open your mind – Be open-minded and adaptable to new ideas, approaches and changes
  • Practice real-time feedback – Constantly give, seek, and accept constructive feedback to learn and to help others.
  • Admit mistakes – Openly acknowledge and discuss mistakes in order to fix them, learn from them, and build trust.
  • Go to the source – Encourage direct access, communication, and feedback by anyone to anyone in our company.

People growth

  • Challenge people – Provide stretch opportunities and support to accelerate people’s growth.
  • Encourage initiative – Encourage and recognize people tor stepping up, taking ownership, and incurring risks by taking on new things.
  • Actively develop others – Teach continuously through example, coaching & mentoring, positive reinforcement and knowledge sharing.
  • Promote on merit – Promote solely on performance, potential, and commitment to our values.
  • Own your grown – Take personal responsibility for your progress and level of impact.


  • Understand and empathize – Care about people and seek to understand their goals, needs, viewpoints, and capabilities.
  • Build trust – Build trust by establishing competence, acting from right motives, caring and delivering on commitments.
  • Act with integrity – Do the right thing for the right reasons and act consistently with your words.
  • Work collaboratively – Establish trust, respect, common goals, and mutual support to work together effectively.


Yours truly,
Bump team