Never Leave Home without Your Bumping App

There is just too much information for us to process nowadays. Even when we try to process them, we do not know what is authentic and what is not. There is also just too much fake information out there. We can all do with curated recommendations from people we can trust. Saves us time, and we feel a lot safer. That is why you should never leave home without your Bumping App.

The Bumping App gets you curated recommendations from like-minded individuals of your local community. It effectively mobilizes your community enabling community members, or Bumpies as we like to call them, to always be ready to help you navigate the world – both the physical one and the virtual. No matter what you are doing or where you are, your Bumping community is there to help ensure you are well-informed and, most of all, safe.

Looking for a dentist? Get recommendations from trusted Bumpies on where to go and with which dentist to make an appointment. Looking for a specific product? Get recommendations from your Bumping community for a vendor that carries it nearby. Need ideas for places you can bring your dog? See what recommendations your Bumpies has.

The Bumping App is designed to be used on the go in addition to when you are passing time. It is your friend, your local guide, your companion, your personal advisor, and your support group. It can give you recommendations for everything you need. You can ask for recommendations or simply search for previously shared ones. The Bumping App helps you organize your favorite things and places, and reminds you of places you want to visit when you are near. You really should not leave home without it.