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Recognizing the Faces of Our Communities

This is for the conscientious – the diligent – of the small business owners, the service providers, the street vendors, the shop attendants… What they do might be common, but they are far from ordinary.

These are the individuals who strive hard to do their jobs well, who have a passion for what they do. They believe anything worth doing is worth doing well. They put in the extra effort and sweat the small stuff to do the best they can for us: to make us our favorite dishes, to make our suits fit better, to make us look better, to make us smile, to make us feel special – that we matter…

These individuals, who cater to hundreds a day but who don’t treat you as one of the hundreds but instead as one in a million, ironically struggle to get noticed in this world. After all, their passion is in what they do – not in marketing themselves.

Yet, they are the faces we want for our communities and for our culture. They are the heart and soul of our city. They are the ones we should recognize, thank and praise. Here’s to them, the ones driven by passion.

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