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LET's Curate Together!

Bumping App


Introducing a new social platform designed for crowd-curation. 

With the Bumping App, you’d find the most suitable recommendations for things that you care about curated by people you can trust.


Bumping App Dogfriendly


Immerse yourself in a world in which you’re always in touch with the most suitable places & services, wherever you are, and the best and latest products for whatever tickles your fancy. Not only that, but you can get great deals on them!  

Newest restaurants. Most popular dog-friendly cafes. Latest trends in trench-coat fashion. Best skincare products. 

All curated for you by people like you! 

Bumping App’s Mission: Build safe and fun communities where trustworthy people can curate the best and the latest of what the world has to offer – for people that would value them. 

Join us and Let’s curatE Together!

Bumping App

“It’s what I’ve been waiting for. I can now get trustworthy recommendations everywhere I go!” – Annie Li

“This will change how we get recommendations.” – Hamza Zia

“This is a fun app for curating!” – Olivia Liu