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Bumping App

The Inspiration

I had always thought Reginald Jeeves, a fictional character from the book series by P.G. Wodehouse, was the epitome of great personal service. He was a valet for Bertie Wooster, who was an upper class English man with a strong moral character and who was always trying to help his friends. As Bertie’s valet, Jeeves knew all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Bertie. He knew how Bertie liked his coffee and eggs; he knew when Bertie wanted to read the newspaper and which sections he liked; and he even helped Bertie with his dress sense (or lack of). As Jeeves was more in tune with reality, more grounded on social norms, than Bertie, he often helped Bertie get out sticky situations in which he somehow got himself entangled.

I have always thought it would be so great to have a Jeeves in my life. A trusted, level-headed person who knows what I like, would give me recommendations on practically anything in life, and would of course clean up after me. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a Jeeves even if he existed so I created the Bumping App.

Like a Personal Valet

The Bumping App is not a personal valet service, but, like a personal valet though, it provides recommendations curated just for you when you need them. It is like having a Jeeves with you all the time except, instead of an individual, communities of people are at your service. The community members, or Bumpies as we like to call them, know your interests, values and lifestyle because they are like you. They go to places you go to. Read similar topics you read. Buy similar styles of clothing…. OK, so they are not entirely like Jeeves, but they could save you from sticky situations!

The Bumpies can give you recommendations on anything that might interest you whether it is advice on your outfits, what to buy, where to go, or what to eat… They are always excited to show you latest fashions, new grooming techniques for puppies – whatever interests you – even without you asking! Take them out with you as you walk around the city and you would wonder how you survived going anywhere without your Bumpies. Bumpies are your local communities. They help you stay in touch with the latest happenings in town, and they will let you know about all the hippest places, the cheapest places, or the most luxurious. No matter where you go, they are likely to know people on the street, at every store, in every business, and get you connected to the right people.

The Bumping App is designed to be fun, but it is not just a social app. It will give you trustworthy recommendations on products, businesses and services that you may find difficult to get elsewhere. For example, if you are looking for a dentist, a chiropractor, a gynecologist, or even a handyman, the Bumping App will provide you with recommendations you can trust – simply ask your Bumpies.

Bumping App is simple to use!

Join communities on the Bumping App that you feel resonate with your interests, values and lifestyle. The Bumping App will even suggest communities based on how you answer some questions.

Now you’re ready to go bumping!

Exploring the neighborhoood? Turn on the “Bump Me” feature on your most adventurous community, and let the members tell you what to see and buy as you navigate the streets.

Interested in contemporary street art? Your Graffiti community will show you the best art work around the world. Wondering what is the latest in Asian Fashion? There’s a community for that. Interested in the latest doggy grooming hairdos? There’s a community for that too.

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