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Know What is Good, Where to Go, and Who to Engage

The Bumping App brings you trusted and psychographically-aligned recommendations from members of your communities.

Need recommendations for a good gynecologist? Want to discover interesting places near you?Need ideas for Christmas presents and where to get them? Want to discover great new products in your fields of interest? The Bumping App could be that tool you didn’t know you needed, and don’t remember how you lived without.

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For Businesses

Bump also helps address the converse problem that exists for local businesses: attracting the right consumers. Business owners are now able to reach the right audience at the right time when they are near the business location. It’s a new, contextual and targeted advertising channel, which is unseen in the marketing before.

Finding ways to attract the consumer is a real problem for global retailers today, and it is all the more so for local small and medium-sized businesses – not only in retail but in any consumer-focused industry. Beyond storefronts, posters, and leaflet handlers, small and medium sized businesses rely mostly on free/low-cost social media platforms to extend their reach to potential customers. However, the effectiveness of these channels at reaching new consumers without spending material capital is limited.

Bump offers businesses a new channel to attract nearby consumers to their location. It is like getting businesses’ customers to hand out leaflets to their friends nearby the store. It is the best form of marketing.





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About us

Our Values:

Client focused delivery

  • Practical value – Our clients are the users of Bump. Our aim is to ensure that Bump produces value for our users and entices our users to adopt Bump.
  • Know our users – Ensure Bump addresses users’ needs through gaining an understanding of their values, interests, and behaviours.
  • Deliver with passion.


  • Innovate – Embrace new things and new ways of thinking, and drive them into value for our users and our company.
  • Leverage diverse perspectives – Create breakthrough insights and ideas by actively integrating different perspectives.
  • Think unconventionally – Look at things differently. Find non-obvious connections, and think outside the box to find value.
  • Try new things – Take thoughtful risks and experiment to find better answers that yield better results.
  • Redefine the problem – Creatively seek the best solution given objectives, needs, constraints, timelines and budgets.
  • Leverage existing ideas – Aggressively seek and apply existing knowledge and ideas from inside and outside the company.


  • Inspire a shared vision – Help people see, buy in, and commit to a compelling future state
  • Think strategically – Keep people focused on the big picture, the real value, and the critical elements to success
  • Enable others to act – Set context and dear objectives, give ownership and support that empowers people to perform
  • Challenge assumptions – Understand the “why” behind things and drive change when they no longer make sense
  • Drive accountability – Hold ourselves and others accountable for achieving clearly articulated business outcomes
  • Model the way – Act the way you expect others to act; teach our values by example
  • Make the hard decisions – Face reality, communicate it clearly, and make the hard decisions that you know are right.


  • Share information – Share non-confidential information openly to promote understanding, ownership and trust.
  • Raise and act on issues – Proactively raise, openly discuss and address problems quickly and constructively.
  • Open your mind – Be open-minded and adaptable to new ideas, approaches and changes
  • Practice real-time feedback – Constantly give, seek, and accept constructive feedback to learn and to help others.
  • Admit mistakes – Openly acknowledge and discuss mistakes in order to fix them, learn from them, and build trust.
  • Go to the source – Encourage direct access, communication, and feedback by anyone to anyone in our company.

People growth

  • Challenge people – Provide stretch opportunities and support to accelerate people’s growth.
  • Encourage initiative – Encourage and recognize people tor stepping up, taking ownership, and incurring risks by taking on new things.
  • Actively develop others – Teach continuously through example, coaching & mentoring, positive reinforcement and knowledge sharing.
  • Promote on merit – Promote solely on performance, potential, and commitment to our values.
  • Own your grown – Take personal responsibility for your progress and level of impact.


  • Understand and empathize – Care about people and seek to understand their goals, needs, viewpoints, and capabilities.
  • Build trust – Build trust by establishing competence, acting from right motives, caring and delivering on commitments.
  • Act with integrity – Do the right thing for the right reasons and act consistently with your words.
  • Work collaboratively – Establish trust, respect, common goals, and mutual support to work together effectively.


Yours truly,
Bump team

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