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Bumping App

Discover the Best of Everything that Matches Your Lifestyle Through Recommendations from People You Can Trust

Introducing the Bumping App, your go-to guide for everything related to your lifestyle wherever you are. 

With the Bumping App, you’d find the most suitable recommendations for you. Find out what’s great, what’s new, what everyone is doing, where they are going, what they are buying – for what you care about – all in one place. 

The recommendations are crowd-curated so you can trust them.


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Immerse yourself in a world in which you’re always in touch with the most suitable places & services, wherever you are, and the best and latest products for whatever tickles your fancy. Not only that, but you can get great deals on them!  

All curated for you by people like you! 

Bumping App’s Mission: Build safe and fun communities where trustworthy people can curate the best and the latest of what the world has to offer – for people that would value them. 

Join us and Let’s curatE Together!

Bumping App

“It’s what I’ve been waiting for. I can now get trustworthy recommendations everywhere I go!” – Annie Li

“This will change how we get recommendations.” – Hamza Zia

“This is a fun app for curating!” – Olivia Liu