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Bumping App

For All Your Lifestyle Needs!

Like having many lifestyle magazines and social recommendations all in one place…


The Bumping App is where you go for all your lifestyle needs!


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 The Why

Haven’t you always felt that looking for
something new, whether somewhere
to bring friends and family or a gift to
buy, is a difficult chore?

We simply have too much information
to process efficiently.

What We Want

We want people we trust, 
who are knowledgeable in what we are looking for,
who know our tastes,
to do all the research,
and recommend the best options for us,
when we want them.

Bumping App

The Solution

The Bumping App is Lifestyle Curation  Where You Get Lifestyle Recommendations that Are:

Trusted and contemporary 

Targeted to your style

Delivered to you: 

When you want it

When it’s relevant

In Addition to Trustworthy Recommendations,
the Bumping App is Where You Can:

Engage with local communities with similar interests

Discover places and people near you 

Find valuable promotions

Build your own life journal


“It’s what I’ve been waiting for. I can now get trustworthy recommendations everywhere I go!” – Annie Li

“This will change how we get recommendations.” – Hamza Zia

“This is a fun app for curating!” – Olivia Liu